Delone Catholic welcomes students from around the world to join our educational community. The purpose of the international student program is to enrich the educational experience of our local students by giving them the opportunity to learn the global nature of our world. In addition, international students are afforded not only a premium educational experience but also the opportunity to learn about American culture through daily interactions with local students, teachers, and familes. Students currently studying in high school today will be most successful if they have an understanding, appreciation and tolerance for the cultural differences of people and nations. No doubt today’s students will live, work and succeed as members of a global community.

Host Family Information

The International Student Program at Delone Catholic High School relies on host families who can provide a nurturing environment to international students while they visit and study in the United States. Host families can provide one of two levels of commitment:

  • Faces and Our Cultures Host Families host a cultural ambassador from Guatemala for an eight-week cultural exchange. Guatemalan ambassadors visit the United States while on their summer break from school and in exchange, the host family may send their child to Guatemala over our summer break from school.

  • Three W International Host Families working through their sister agency Twinn Palms, host a full-time Delone Catholic student from China or Brazil. Hosting an international student requires a ten-month commitment. A monthly stipend is provided during the ten-month stay. Each year, all parties will evaluate the arrangement and you may choose to host the same student for more than one year of his/her Delone Catholic career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Photograph of Dr. Barbara J. Wert
Dr. Barbara J. Wert
Internship Coordinator/International Student Coordinator