A decision as important as which school is best for a student should not be left to chance. Delone Catholic invites prospective families to visit as often as needed to make your decision. Please consider these opportunities!

Open House

Each October, Delone Catholic hosts a Fall Open House where prospective students and their families can visit with teachers, learn about extracurricular opportunities, see our marching band perform and tour the school with a current student. Check out our Calendar for the date of this year’s Fall Open House.

Each April, Delone Catholic hosts a Spring Open House and eighth grade Scholarship Competition. In addition to touring the school, visiting with teachers and learning about our teams and clubs, eighth grade students can compete in either a trivia competition or an essay-writing contest to earn scholarship dollars toward tuition at Delone Catholic. 

Shadow Day

Wonder what lunch is like in the Delone Catholic cafeteria?

Is it really possible to make it from class to class in three minutes?

Is that teacher really as funny as everyone says she is?

Prospective students can get answers to these questions and more by shadowing a current student during a school day.

Each fall, Special Squire Shadow Days will be arranged for eighth grade classes from the local Catholic elementary schools. Check our Calendar to find out when your class will visit Delone Catholic. More details will be available from your teacher.

Students who do not attend a local Catholic elementary school, should complete the Shadow Day Request Form (Click Apply Now and choose the Shadow Day Request Form after creating an account and/or logging in).

Private Tour

Private tours can be arranged at any time of the year. Call 717-637-5969 or Mrs. Jennifer Hart to arrange a tour.

Photograph of Mrs. J. A. Hart P'17, '18, '21
Mrs. J. A. Hart P'17, '18, '21
Director of Enrollment and Outreach