The awards and scholarships in this section are reserved for graduating seniors at Delone Catholic High School. Most of them are presented or acknowledged at the Senior Awards Senior Ceremony which follows the class's Baccalaureate Mass each spring.

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Father Allwein Memorial Award

Rev. Cyril J. Allwein was the principal at Central Catholic High School. Following that school’s destruction by fire on Feb. 16, 1938, Delone Catholic High School was built, and he was named principal of McSherrystown’s new stand-alone Catholic high school. He served in that role until 1949, and he passed away on Jan. 8, 1957.

The Father Allwein Memorial Award is voted on by members of the senior class. It is intended for the graduating senior who manifests the qualities of great respect for the school, unquestionable class loyalty and active participation in and support of school affairs.

2009 Matthew B. Arentz
2010 Joshua D. Markle
2011 Daniel M. Braun, Jr.
2012 Joshua A. Noel
2013 John J. Neitz
2014 Elizabeth M. Hernandez
2015 Christopher A. Shatzer
2016 Daniel S. Coleman
2017 Christopher J. Hoffman II
2018 Erin A. Evans
2019 Parker D. Staub
2020 Margaret T. Lawrence
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Alex Bell Memorial Scholarship

Alexander F. Bell was a member of the Delone Catholic High School faculty, and he coached football, basketball and baseball at the school in the 1940s and 1950s. He also coached football at Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass., and Villanova University in Villanova, Pa. Mr. Bell passed away on Feb. 3, 1986.

The Alex Bell Memorial Scholarship was established in 1987 by his son, Tom Bell. It is awarded each year to a college-bound scholar athlete (or athletes) who has made a significant contribution to Delone Catholic High School.

2009 Bradley A. Labure
  Jennifer A. Yealy
2010 Heather M. Kraus
2011 Emily M. Gerlach
  Brian A. Monahan
2012 Joshua A. Noel
  Abby L. Staub
2013 Victoria A. Griffin
2014 Elizabeth M. Brilhart
2015 Mark W. Evich
2016 Shelbee B. Holcomb
2017 Abigail L. Sweeney
2018 Julia C. Whiteleather
2019 Isaac B. Almoney
2020 Austin R. Staub
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Berry/Thiec Character in Action Award

Dr. Maureen C. Thiec was the principal at Delone Catholic High School from 1992-2017. During her entire tenure, she was a major supporter of the Drama Program, who acted in several of Delone Catholic’s productions. Mr. Kenneth’s Berry’s tenure as the director of the Drama Program came during Dr. Thiec’s service. He and his wife, Kay Lenhart, established the award in Dr. Thiec’s honor, but she asked that Mr. Berry’s name be added to reflect his service to the students of Delone Catholic. It was first awarded in 2016.

It is presented to a student who exhibits a sense of fair play, responsibility, appreciation for theatre and most importantly, respect for others off the stage.

2016 Joseph A. Staub
2017 Gabriela K. Cranga
  Sarah M. Shatzer
2018 Marlee A. Lackey
2019 Thomas M. Martz
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Joseph and Patricia C. Borowick Scholarship

Joseph and Patricia C. (Spangler) '43 Borowick were long-time residents of the Hanover area. Mr. Borowick served in the U.S. Navy during World War II and the Korean Conflict. Mrs. Borowick was a sophomore at Delone Catholic when the school opened in 1940. She went on to serve the school in a volunteer capacity. Through the Joseph and Patricia Borowick Educational Trust, at their passing, Mr. and Mrs. Borowick established the Borowick Scholarship to assist students in their pursuit of post-secondary education. Awarded for the first time in 2019, several scholarships of at least $5,000 will be awarded each year to graduating seniors at Delone Catholic based on financial need and academic achievement.

2019 Tessa N. Beauchat
  Katelynn D. Evans
  Danielle E. Malesky
  Samantha G. Mariano
  Jessica J. Martinez
  Michael A. Overdorff
  Gabriel C. Hall
  Hannah G. Wells
  Maggie A. Wells
2020 Sophia G. Holt
  Tyler M. Lawrence
  Victoria C. Marr
  Abigail K. Smith
  Sherlyn Uribe
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Christine Boyer Memorial Scholarship

Christine L. (Hess) Boyer ’73 served the Catholic community of Hanover and McSherrystown as a kindergarten teacher at St. Vincent de Paul and St. Joseph Schools in Hanover for 25 years. Upon her passing on Feb. 25, 2009, her family established this scholarship to provide a grant to a graduating senior at Delone Catholic who intends to pursue a career in early-childhood or elementary education. Many of the children Christine taught went on to graduate from Delone Catholic, and her family wants to make sure that her inspiration lives on in all of those who choose to educate future generations.

2009 Mary R. Singleton
2010 Sarah L. Fehle
2011 Dayna N. Strock
2012 Maria N. Photiades
2013 Alyssa D. Sanders
2014 Elizabeth M. Hernandez
2015 Megan E. Baumgardner
2016 Christina M. Photiades
2017 Gabriela K. Cranga
2018 Abigail M. Lawrence
  Sydni D. Roth
2019 Christian R. Powell
2020 Madison M. Sieg
  Sherlyn Uribe
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Gail Breuer Outstanding Female Athlete Award

The Gail Breuer Outstanding Female Athlete Award is typically presented to a female senior who has lettered in two sports, but not necessarily. Eligibility is based on the recipient’s coachability, attitude, leadership, sportsmanship and a good disciplinary and academic background.

1973 Deborah A. Leese
1974 Linda C. Neiderer
1975 Sandra L. Lawrence
  Karen E. McMaster
1976 Joann L. Neiderer
  Margaret M. Sunbury
1977 Regina L. Gebhart
  Marybeth T. Weaver
1978 Denise L. Smith
1979 Julie A. Breighner
  Mary S. Rider
1980 Celia C. Cline
  Patrice M. Noel
1981 Lisa A. Little
1982 Maria L. Strazzella
1983 Kathleen E. Little
1984 Sally A. McMaster
1985 Melissa A. Staub
1986 Lynn E. Overbaugh
1987 Kristi L. Hockensmith
1988 Jody A. Schuchart
1989 Kristin A. Schneider
1990 Ann E. Welty
1991 Rebecca A. Timmins
1992 Kathleen M. Kotula
1993 Devina L. Plitt
1994 Crystal D. Bowman
1995 Janell C. Smith
1996 Jody L. Noel
1997 Jessica L. Donnelly
1998 Tamara L. Wildasin
1999 Elizabeth A. Robinson
2000 Sarah D. Gates
2001 Melony J. Peters
2002 Kylee K. Myers
2003 Jennifer M. Pechart
2004 Jana M. Zinn
2005 Christine A. Schleich
2006 Meredith C. Cox
2007 Michele A. Schleich
2008 Jennifer A. Scherer
2009 Meaghan E. Beckner
2010 Chelsea V. Hoffman
2011 Emily C. Resciniti
2012 Amanda D. Gebhart
2013 Isabela A. Ugarte
2014 Cambria P. Wierman
2015 Cheyenne B. Altland
2016 Kate M. Mowrey
2017 Kayla J. Ewart
2018 Chloe P. Kindig
2019 Riley C. Vingsen
2020 Madison F. Clabaugh
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Joseph A. Byrne Memorial Scholarship

Joseph A. Byrne was a well-respected member of the Delone Catholic faculty who taught in the English department. When he passed away on May 4, 2007, many of his family, friends and colleagues inquired about ways in which to remember his passion for and dedication to teaching students the necessary skills for communicating their thoughts and ideas. Each year, a graduating senior who plans to major in English, communications or journalism at the collegiate level is awarded the Joseph A. Byrne Memorial Scholarship.

2009 Lillian E. Reed
2010 Morgan M.M. Miskiel
2011 Kyle L. Ott
2012 Courtney M. Palla
2013 Jaci L. Wendel
2014 Brianne C. Murphy
2016 Emma G. Lawrence
2017 Maria G. Elser
2018 Matthew J. Vandergrift
2019 Luke A. Panzer
2020 Tara D. Noel
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Class of 1941 Scholarship

The Class of 1941 Scholarship is presented to a graduating senior who shows perseverance during his or her four years of high school and excels to the best of his or her ability.

2009 Elizabeth N. Martin
2010 Katherine E. Cookerly
2011 Johnnie N. Barnhart
2012 Hannah N. Trone
2013 Madalyn J. Greth
2014 Cambria P. Wierman
2015 Jordan E. Arigo
2016 Megan E. Willing
2017 Hannah M. Klunk
2018 Caroline G. Monahan
2019 Angelo V. Saporito
2020 Mason P. Clabaugh
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Robert W. Cole Scholarship

Robert W. Cole ’49 served in the U.S. Air Force during the Korean Conflict. He passed away on Nov. 9, 1954 at Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington, D.C., following surgery in Japan.

The Robert W. Cole Scholarship was established in 1989 in his memory. It is presented to a worthy student who has performed to the level of his or her personal best while at Delone Catholic and may be used for any form of further education, including, but not limited to a college program of studies.

2009 Jake A. Weicht
2010 Morgan M.M. Miskiel
2011 Jeremy M. Klunk
2012 Michael G. Franz, Jr.
2013 Justin M. Tamminga
2014 Devon L. Craig
2015 Ellen C. Weber
2016 Erin E. Sirois
2017 Andrew J. Hernandez
2018 Evan J. Haymaker
2019 Austin F. Busbey
2020 Emma E. Landis
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Jesse Crabbs, Esq. Debate Award
2013 Patrick R. Woolford
2014 Patrick C. Lawrence
2016 Joseph A. Staub
2017 Mackenzie Kirby
2018 Connor Phillips
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Dessecker Family Scholarship

The Dessecker Family Scholarship was established in 2019. It provides grants of at least $1,000 to graduating seniors of Delone Catholic who intend to serve an apprenticeship or enter a trade or technology school following graduation. Kevin Dessecker, Sr., pursued this path in his own life, and he is passionate about ensuring students who choose to go in this direction are financially able to do so.

2019 Matthew G. Carpenter
  Gabriel A. Hernandez
  Danielle E. Malesky
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J.T. Flaherty Award

John T. "J.T." Flaherty served Delone Catholic High School in numerous capacities over 21 years. He was a faculty member, Director of Discipline/Dean of Students, Athletic Director and coach for the football, basketball and baseball programs. He was the head coach of all three sports at various times, and he was inducted into the Delone Catholic High School Hall of Honor in 2017.

Following his sudden passing in June 1978, the J.T. Flaherty Award was established in his memory. It is presented to a male or female senior athlete. He or she must be in good academic standing, have an excellent disciplinary record and must have participated and lettered in at least one sport, but preferably two or more.

1979 Michael P. Neiderer
1980 Jeffrey D. Little
1981 Steven J. Lawrence
1982 James F. Smith
1983 Keith W. Bevenour
1984 Timothy M. Ohm
1985 Andrew J. Singer
1986 Arthur J. Becker
1987 d'Deette R. Staub
1988 Jason M. Gebhart
1989 Craig P. Staub
1990 Jason A. Kane
1991 Travis A. Kopp
1992 Jason M. Reese
1993 Matthew T. Lawrence
1994 Thomas P. Gans
1995 Vincent A. Pugliese
1996 Daniel T. Hallinan
1997 Joshua A. Boyer
1998 Kevin A. Leonard
1999 Zachary E. Smith
2000 Derick J. Groft
2001 Daniel S. Topper
2002 Joseph A. Kotula
2003 Stephanie L. Vial
2004 Alex C. Smith
2005 Kimberly A. Staub
2006 Matthew C. Staub
2007 Casey A. Lawrence
2008 Miles W. Moore
2009 Arielle E. Placke
2010 Tyler P. Small
2011 Christopher T. Sauvageau
2012 Sierra G. Moore
2013 Brett J. Smith
2014 Mary H. Gingrow
2015 Madelynn A. Comly
2016 Katie M. Laughman
2017 Elise C. Knobloch
2018 Leanne E. Sneeringer
2019 Lauren M. Trummer
2020 Brooke A. Lawyer
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GEP Scholarship

The GEP Scholarship is given by an anonymous donor to a senior who is furthering his or her education in the technology field and possibly has financial need.

2009 Steven M. Jacoby
2010 Cody T. Fitzgerald
2011 Zachary R. Hertzog
2012 Dalton A. Deardorff
2013 Justin A.J. Miskiel
2014 Frank N. Gibson
2015 Dain L. Kauffman II
2016 Eric D. Stanley, Jr.
2017 Noah D. Russell
2018 Samuel D. Blank
2019 Alyssa C. Magaha
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Dr. Walter F. Janusz Music Scholarship

This scholarship was presented until 2011 in memory of Dr. Walter F. Janusz, a loving husband and father, a kind and sympathetic physician, and a wonderfully talented composer and pianist. He truly appreciated hard-working, musically-talented people such as the recipient and would have said that the recipient deserved such an honor. He always wanted to be a concert pianist, but finding a sponsor was nearly impossible for a small-town, working-class young man. Dr. Janusz never gave up playing the piano, working on compositions until his death on Oct. 12, 2007.

2009 Matthew E. Hirsh
2010 Erick C. Von Sas
2011 Ethan M. Willing
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Rita M. Kijek Memorial Scholarship

Baker, Rita M '40_hs_webKijek, Rita M '66_hs_webKijek, Rita M_hs_web

The Rita M. Kijek Memorial Scholarship was established in 2017 in loving memory of three extraordinary women who shared the same name and embraced the same Catholic values. The three women are Rita Marie (Baker) Kijek, Central Catholic Class of 1940, Rita Marie Kijek, Delone Catholic Class of 1966 and Rita Marchitto Kijek, Hollywood, Fla., McArthur High School Class of 1965. It is awarded to a female graduating senior at Delone Catholic who best demonstrates the stated values of Delone Catholic in her daily life and intends to further her education by attendance at a Catholic institution of higher learning.

2017 Anna Marie Fostik
2018 Kaitlin E. Repp
2019 Rachel N. Swingler
2020 Tara D. Noel
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Thomas Klunk Speech Award

Thomas F. Klunk ’56 was an all-around student, playing basketball for four years and serving as class vice president in his freshman and junior years. He also was the editor-in-chief of the Delonian as a senior, a member of the glee club and cast as the lead in the school play. His classmates said of him, “We’ll always remember Thomas’s way of making Delone’s honor roll look easy.” The Thomas Klunk Speech Award is given in his memory to celebrate his accomplishments as a state speech winner.


2010 Sean M. Craig
2011 Derek J. Smith
2012 Hannah I. Dickmyer
2013 Jaci L. Wendel
2014 Brianne C. Murphy
2015 Lori A. Shaeffer
2016 Grace A. Phillips
2017 Sarah M. Shatzer
2018 Kaitlin E. Repp
2019 Bethany E. Staub
2020 Helen M. Phillips
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Jacquelyn Rose Lawrence Memorial Nursing Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded in memory of Jacquelyn Rose (Carbaugh) Lawrence ’94. In May 1998, Jackie graduated from York College of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. In July 1999, she started working as a Registered Nurse in critical care at Hanover Hospital until her death on Sept. 30, 2004.

Jackie was intelligent, loved the challenges that nursing presented to her, never gave up, and continued to have a positive outlook on life even though leukemia eventually took her life from her. In Jackie’s honor and memory, this scholarship is presented to a graduate who is pursuing nursing as his or her career.

2009 Emily E. Dettinburn
2010 Gabriela E. Tumminello
2011 Emily E. Gingrow
2012 Sarah E. Scozzaro
2013 Ashley A. Wilkes
2014 Hannah L. Stambaugh
2015 Brenna M. Murphy
2016 Emily E. Welsh
2017 Taylor I. Lescalleet
2018 Alyssa P. Wendel
2019 Bethany E. Staub
2020 Margaret T. Lawrence
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Robert M. Lester, Sr. Scholarship

The Walls of Jericho Scholarship was established in 2012 to recognize a student who was faced with and overcame obstacles and adversity during his or her academic journey. The student who receives this scholarship has demonstrated a superior ability to break through any obstacle placed in his or her path. This achievement is not limited to grades alone, but rather it represents a well-rounded student, who has shown leadership and courage during his or her tenure at Delone Catholic High School. It was renamed the Robert M. Lester, Sr. Scholarship in 2016. Mr. Lester was the first teacher of Delone Catholic’s Instructional Support Program.

2012 Anthony L. Miller
2013 Chase D. Deamer
2014 Samuel P. Guaragno
2015 Amanda M. Adams
  Bailey E. Berlich
2016 Megan E. Willing
2017 Matthew G. Redding
2018 Brandon M. Sadowski
2019 Olivia E. Dorsey
2020 Colby R. Seeley
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Norine Elizabeth Ann Lovett Fine Arts Memorial Award

This award was created in memory of Norine Lovett ’69 by her friends and admirers. She was an actress, writer and a director of plays. The Norine Elizabeth Ann Lovett Fine Arts Memorial Award is presented each year to a senior who excels in Fine Arts with a special emphasis on drama.

2009 Hannah M. Smith
2010 Sean M. Craig
2011 Kevin E. Dessecker, Jr.
2012 Zoe E. Dell
2013 Keith T. Plummer
2014 Thomas D. Baker
2015 Carolyn F. McGough
2016 Colleen E. Miriello
2017 Gabriela K. Cranga
2018 Matthew J. Vandergrift
2019 Emma J. Roeder
2020 Sophia G. Holt
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Rose A. (Stough) Mainardi Memorial Scholarship

Rose A. (Stough) Mainardi was the valedictorian of the Delone Catholic High School Class of 1948. She spent one year studying to enter the nursing field, but left to fulfill her long-held desire to attend college. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in sociology from the University of Pennsylvania. It was there that she met her husband, Andrew, with whom she shared 57 years of marriage. At her passing, they had four children, 11 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Mrs. Mainardi passed away on May 25, 2012. Mr. Mainardi established this scholarship, awarded for the first time in 2013, in her memory. This one-time award is presented to a serious and successful college-bound graduate who possesses good character and applies commendable effort in his or her academics.  

2013 Cassandra N. Hoffman
2014 Robert W. Apgar
  Caroline M. Kaufmann
2015 Madison B. Stockton
2016 Woodrow P. Wagaman, Jr.
2017 Caroline R. Dudenhoeffer
2018 Taylor I. Paulin
2019 Olivia P. Hartlaub
2020 Emily F. Kiger
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Peggy Dooley Norris and Jim Dooley Award


2011 Timothy A. Hoffman
2012 Cody G. Dye
2013 Tanner M. Orndorff
2014 Joseph S. Ames
2015 Matias D. Bowman
2016 Dillon R. McNutt
2017 Nathan A. Lawyer
2018 Shamus M. Keefe
2019 Tyler J. Monto
2020 Joshua T. Sherdel
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John T. "Thom" Rebert Memorial Scholarship

John "Thom" Rebert was a 1957 graduate of Delone Catholic High School. He was a Vietnam Era Veteran of the U.S. Army, having served in the Signal Corps in Germany. Mr. Rebert was a passionate artist and photographer, and also worked in electronics. He passed away in May 2013. His family has established this scholarship to assist a graduating senior who intends to pursue a post-secondary degree in art, photography or electronics.

2014 Julie T. Noel
2015 Rachel A. Sweeney
2016 Julia M. Richter
2017 Zachary D. Hart
2018 Thomas C. Laudani
2019 Samantha R. Dolecki
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Lawrence B. Sheppard, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

The Lawrence B. Sheppard, Jr., Memorial Scholarship is awarded every fourth year to an ambitious graduating male senior that defends the flag by his conduct as a good citizen, reflecting honor on their nation, state and home community. The funds are to be used to cover the entrance fee, tuition, room and board, required scholastic fees and text books for the recipient’s post-secondary education.

2014 Christopher D. Overdorff
2018 Justin M. Roth
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William "Sonny" Shrader Most Valuable Athlete Award

Shrader, William and Mary Louise '45_hs_web.jpg
William J. "Sonny" Shrader, was a member of the Delone Catholic Class of 1945. He was a U.S. Navy veteran of World War II. He and his wife, Mary Louise (Spangler) Shrader Slagle '45, had four sons, and made it a top priority that all four would receive a Catholic education. Their sons all graduated from St. Vincent de Paul School, Hanover, and Delone Catholic. In order for this to happen, Mr. Shrader worked a full-time job and a part-time job, all while being actively involved with the McSherrystown Knights of Columbus and the Delone Catholic Athletic Association. Among the many events he worked for the Athletic Association was the weekly bingo which raised funds to provide opportunities for Delone Catholic student-athletes. Such was his love for the Squires, that he once refused to sit with his son, Bill '65, at a Delone Catholic football game. Bill was a coach for Diocesan rival Bishop McDevitt, and was scouting for the Crusaders' upcoming game against the Squires. Their father-son relationship resumed following the game. 

The William “Sonny” Shrader Most Valuable Athlete Award is presented to a senior male athlete who has been a letter winner in two or more seasons. He must have distinguished himself as a representative of Delone Catholic High School and the community, and he must possess the following qualities and exhibit the same on and off the playing field: leadership, sportsmanship, responsibility, proper attitude, judgment and initiative, and he must be an individual who strives for excellence at all times.

This award has been presented each year since Mr. Shrader’s sudden passing in 1972. In 2012, a scholarship was added for recipients who choose to continue their education beyond high school. In years when the recipient does not choose to further his education, the scholarship will be awarded as tuition assistance for an incoming freshman at Delone Catholic.

1972 James C. Smith
1973 Steven C. Lawrence
1974 Patrick J. Flaherty
1975 Thomas J. Conrad, Jr.
1976 Craig A. Little
1977 Richard A. Little
1978 Randy A. Shrader
1979 Patrick F. Bowman
1980 Brent W. Carbaugh
1981 Timothy F. Kotula
1982 Timothy P. Staub
1983 Douglas A. Hartlaub
1984 Dirk A. Brilhart
1985 Eric P. Staub
1986 Dennis W. Corbin
1987 John A. Neiderer
1988 John A. Hagerman
1989 Mark A. Lookenbill
1990 Mark L. Reichart
1991 Steven C. McMaster
1992 James F. McMaster, Jr.
1993 John T. Sherdel, Jr.
1994 David J. Staub
1995 Brian M. Billman
1996 Daniel T. Ryan
1997 Colby M. Zortman
1998 Michael D. Martin
1999 Stephen D. Bair
2000 Ryan A. Grogg
2001 Daniel L. Riggs
2002 Darren C. Groft
2003 Jeffrey D. Miller
2004 Eric M. O'Brien
2005 Anthony J. Livelsberger
2006 Casey L. Lawrence
2007 Robert S. McMaster
2008 Christopher J. Burton
2009 Joshua K. McNutt
2010 Austin P. Brady
2011 Kodi D. Reed
2012 Thomas E. Fisher
2013 Tanner M. Orndorff
2014 Patrick J. Staub
2015 James M. O'Boyle
2016 William G. Greene
2017 Brian C. Shermeyer
2018 Shamus M. Keefe
2019 Evan A. Brady
2020 Kevin D. Mowrey
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Simon-Staub Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2018 by Paul G. '59 and Mary (Simon) Staub through the Simon-Staub Foundation. It is presented to a graduating senior with high academic achievement who has regularly performed community service and charitable acts during his or her time at Delone Catholic. It is a $5,000 scholarship, renewable for up to four years should the recipient maintain these records of academics and achievement.

2018 Chloe P. Kindig
2019 Maggie A. Wells
2020 Sherlyn Uribe
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Dwain M. Smith Memorial Scholarship

Smith, Dwain M '99_hs_web.jpg
The Dwain M. Smith Memorial Scholarship was awarded for the first time in 2020. Dwain was a vibrant individual with many diverse interests. During his time at Delone Catholic, he was involved in forensics, student government, track and field and countless other clubs and activities.

After his time in high school, he continued to bring together groups of friends, old and new, from various backgrounds. He firmly believed that he was happier when he was doing things for other people instead of for himself, making him a perfect embodiment of Delone Catholic's motto, "Be Doers of the Word."

Following his passing on Mar. 8, 2019, after a sudden illness, his family and friends made gifts to Delone Catholic to begin a scholarship in his memory. It is awarded to a graduating senior who. like Dwain, finds happiness and reward in doing for others.

2020 Joseph A. Hernandez
  Madison M. Sieg
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John A. Staub Memorial Scholarship

John A. Staub ’41 was a member of Delone Catholic’s first graduating class. His three children and one of his grandsons are also Delone Catholic alumni. He was an avid supporter of Squire and Squirette athletics. His family has chosen to create this scholarship in his honor because Mr. Staub was unable to attend college due to financial constraints on his family.

The John A. Staub Memorial Scholarship provides a monetary grant to a graduating senior athlete at Delone Catholic High School who intends to pursue a career in a service-oriented field. These fields include, but are not limited to, elected office, law enforcement, medical, military and teaching.

2011 Kodi D. Reed
2012 Shawn C. Little
2013 Abigail G. Maitland
2014 Taylor J. Conrad
2015 Harmony A. Redding
2016 Bryce J. Mondorff
2017 Emily L. Ritter
2018 Makenna A. Martin
2020 Kathleen M. Chroniger
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Louis B. Toler Science Scholarship

Louis B. Toler ’49 spent part of his youth living at the Paradise Protectory in Abbottstown, Pa. After high school, he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps and served for three years. Following his return to civilian life, he missed the military. Mr. Toler joined the Air Force and served his country in the meteorology field for 20 years. He was a veteran of both the Korean and Vietnam Conflicts.

The Louis B. Toler Science Scholarship was established on Sept. 28, 2010, and was first awarded in 2012. It is given each year to a graduating senior who plans to pursue a post-secondary degree in science or a related field, with preference given to students majoring in meteorology.

2012 Jacob C. Bollinger
2013 Keith T. Plummer
2014 Nicholas D. Botts
2015 Kelly E. O'Boyle
2016 Melvin F. Hoerl IV
2017 Kristen S. Morrow
2018 Phillip T. Goyette
2019 Sophia R. Gilbart
2020 Kathryn G. Derkasch
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Donna J. Yake Scholarship

Donna Yake was a graduate of Immaculate Conception School in New Oxford, St. Joseph’s Academy in McSherrystown, Gettysburg College, Purdue University and the University of Maryland. She served as an educator in the Hanover area for nearly 50 years, primarily as a high school chemistry and biology teacher, but also as a substitute at Delone Catholic and in Adams Deanery grade schools. Donna completed her career with several years at Paradise School for Boys in Abbottstown. She was a strong-willed individual who believed in hard work and faith-based values and character.

Mrs. Yake lived her entire life in the New Oxford area. Today, her family honors her by awarding a scholarship in her name to a graduating senior at Delone Catholic High School. This student is a graduate of Immaculate Conception School and an active member of Immaculate Conception Parish who exemplifies the ideals that Donna held close.

2013 Abbey N. Sponseller
2014 Deanna C. Laughman
2015 Samuel L. Aquino
2016 Katie M. Laughman
  Alexandra M. Redding
2017 Brenna T. Ford
  Joanna N. Sanders
2018 Cayla M. Aquino
2019 Nathaniel G. Bladen
2020 Samuel D. Long

Photograph of Mr. Eric T. Lawrence '98
Mr. Eric T. Lawrence '98
Director of Advancement