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Beginning in November 2018, Delone Catholic High School has partnered with Dynamic Scrip to offer a money saving online and mobile app rewards program. This app can save members of the Delone Catholic family money on products and services they are already buying while generating significant resources to fund student activities and tuition assistance.

By becoming a member, you will:

  1. Have access to rebates at over 200 retailers with more than 300,000 locations nationwide, simply by changing the way you pay for everyday purchases.
  2. Get a reward for you and for Delone Catholic with every purchase made through the app.
  3. Potentially earn hundreds of dollars per year in rewards on purchases you were already making.
  4. Immediately get a $10 reward placed in your virtual wallet when you sign up, to which you will have access when you spend $250 through the app in the first 30 days.
  5. Earn even more rewards when you refer friends and family through the app's share feature.
  6. Help provide needed resources for student activities at Delone Catholic, and help to provide a Delone Catholic education for students who may not otherwise be able to afford it.

The videos below explain the program and give you instructions to become a member, install the app and begin using it to start collecting your rewards.

What is DynamicScrip?

How to sign-up

How does it work?

How To Make purchaseS

Advantages of the Dynampic Scrip Program

There are several advantages to the Dynamic Scrip program when compared to traditional fundraisers.

  1. No one needs to buy anything they don't want or need. Dynamic gives cash rewards to the purchasers for money they were already spending, which they then share with Delone Catholic.
  2. Because there are over 200 retailers with 300,000 locations nationwide and purchases can be made online, this program is not limited by geography. There is no merchandise to deliver to the customers. Family and friends anywhere in the United States can participate.
  3. The program continues after the initial sales drive has concluded. Delone Catholic receives $10.00 for every person who signs up to use the Dynamic Pay app, which would result in profits of more than $13,000 if each current family sells four apps. That is already a successful fundraiser! However, because each person becomes a one-year member, any purchase he or she makes for the next 12 months generates rewards that are shared with Delone Catholic, potentially generating tens of thousands of dollars.
  4. As people start to use the Dynamic Pay app, they can share it outside the time frame of the initial drive. This means that new members can come on at any time, and their membership will last for one year from their date of purchase. Delone Catholic continues to receive $10.00 for every new membership, even if it is initiated after Nov. 30, 2018.
  5. This program can be shared with anyone, so friends of friends who have no previous connection to Delone Catholic can earn rewards for themselves and benefit Delone Catholic at the same time.

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