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Graduating "Doers of the Word" Since 1940

Delone Catholic High School has established a Hall of Honor to recognize people who have made a significant contribution to the school over a sustained period of time. The Inaugural Class was inducted at the school's 75th Anniversary celebration on Sept. 19, 2015. The physical plaque gallery can be found in the hallway on the main floor.

Hall of Honor Nomination Form

Inaugural Class

Inducted Sept. 19, 2015

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Rev. Cyril J. Allwein

Rev. Cyril J. Allwein Plaque
Inaugural Induction Class

Rev. Cyril J. Allwein was one of the key bridges from Central Catholic High School to Delone Catholic High School. He was the principal at Central Catholic at the time of the fire. He was charged with keeping the education of his students on track in the aftermath of that devastating event. Classes were taught in several locations throughout McSherrystown from February 1938 through the 1939-40 school year. Father Allwein was named principal of the new Delone Catholic High School, and served as its leader until 1949. In gratitude for his leadership in difficult and uncertain times, we induct Revered Cyril J. Allwein into the Delone Catholic High School Hall of Honor.

20150919_Shanebrook  Michael L 68_Hall of Honor Induction - Allwein 1000x1400.jpg

Michael L. Shanebrook ’68, a member of the Father Cyril Allwein Assembly of the Knights of Columbus, accepts induction on behalf of Rev. Cyril J. Allwein.

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Charles J. Delone, Esq.

Inaugural Induction Class

The first inductee of the Delone Catholic Hall of Honor is the man who gave his name to our school. Charles J. Delone was a true leader in the greater Hanover community and in its Catholic community. He was a member of numerous civic organizations in Hanover. He was a trustee of the Paradise Protectory, and Mr. Delone was a member of the Hanover Council of the Knights of Columbus and of the St. Joseph’s Parish Roman Catholic Beneficial Society. 

For Delone Catholic High School, his greatest contribution was the gift that made the founding of the school possible. For more than 75 years, his name has lived on despite his not having any direct descendants. It was initially Mr. Delone’s intention, however, to not place his name on this school. At the laying of the cornerstone on Nov. 5, 1939, Most Rev. George L. Leech, Fifth Bishop of Harrisburg, cited a “sincere and unfeigned desire on the part of Mr. Delone that his benefaction might remain anonymous.” Bishop Leech further explained why he asked Mr. Delone to reconsider. 

He said, “There are times, however, when the most high-minded personal wishes may properly and profitably yield in order that they may serve the cause of many. And because the donation of this high school building is a fine example to the laity of the Diocese of Harrisburg and a source of genuine edification, showing as it does what our people ought to do with their worldly possessions which they have received from God as the stewards of God, I have asked the donor of this building to allow the name of his family and his forbears to be associated with this building in order that he and they may be perpetually remembered in the prayers of those who throughout the future years will come to profit by his priceless benefaction, and so I am very happy to announce to you now that this new institution will be known as the ‘Delone Catholic High School’.” 

It was especially appropriate that Bishop Leech called for the community to perpetually remember the Delone family in prayer because less than three months later, Mr. Delone passed away, never seeing the completion of his gift. 

At the school’s dedication on Sept. 2, 1940, Bishop Leech said, “Mr. Charles J. Delone, through whose munificence this building has been erected, loved his church, his country and his fellow man. The means he chose to show that love is the wisest means, as years will prove when the graduates of Delone Catholic High School take their places in church, and nation and local communities. He did this deed for God and his fellow man.” 

This building will always be a memorial to Mr. Delone, but more importantly, the lives of faith, service and achievement lived by the school’s students and alumni, will serve as a perpetual tribute to his generosity. For these reasons, Charles J. Delone is the first inductee of the Delone Catholic High School Hall of Honor.

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Rev. Msgr. William R. Lyons

Inaugural Induction Class

Rev. Msgr. William R. Lyons is a man who led Delone Catholic High School for longer than anyone else. Msgr. Lyons became principal in May 1949, a role in which he served until 1977. Over those 29 years, he oversaw the additions of the 1955 and 1963 classroom wings and the Sheppard Gym, which opened in 1969.

After his tenure as principal, Msgr. Lyons continued to serve Delone Catholic in numerous capacities. Notably, he was a counselor to the students, as well as a member of the Board of Directors in his role as pastor at St. Aloysius parish in Littlestown.

His steady leadership and ability to involve the greater community in supporting the mission of Delone Catholic still serve as an inspiration to our administrators and Board of Directors. We are pleased to induct Rev. Msgr. William R. Lyons into the Delone Catholic High School Hall of Honor.

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The Sisters of Christian Charity, Mendham, N.J.

Founded on 8/21/1849
Inaugural Induction Class

The Sisters of Christian Charity, Mendham, N.J., are one of three inductees who were discussed as a group because their collective contributions to Delone Catholic are so closely linked. As in communities all across the United States, religious sisters gave their lives in service to many different institutions, notably Catholic schools.

These women comprised the entire faculty for most of the first two decades of Delone Catholic’s existence and continued to serve here for decades beyond. Their dedication to instilling the Catholic faith in their students while teaching them the skills they needed to succeed in life still serves as an example for our faculty and staff.

We wish to acknowledge all of the sisters from all orders that have served at Delone Catholic over the years. 

But in a special way, we celebrate three orders of sisters, including the Sisters of Christian Charity, with induction into the Delone Catholic High School Hall of Honor, recognizing their enduring legacy and example of service and excellence. We induct the orders collectively in recognition that it took the prayers and efforts of every sister in each community, whether they were assigned here or not, to provide the academic and spiritual foundation of Delone Catholic.

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The Sisters of Mercy, Dallas, Pa.

Founded on 12/12/1831
Inaugural Induction Class

The Sisters of Mercy, Dallas, Pa., are one of three inductees who were discussed as a group because their collective contributions to Delone Catholic are so closely linked. As in communities all across the United States, religious sisters gave their lives in service to many different institutions, notably Catholic schools.

These women comprised the entire faculty for most of the first two decades of Delone Catholic’s existence and continued to serve here for decades beyond. Their dedication to instilling the Catholic faith in their students while teaching them the skills they needed to succeed in life still serves as an example for our faculty and staff.

We wish to acknowledge all of the sisters from all orders that have served at Delone Catholic over the years. 

But in a special way, we celebrate three orders of sisters, including the Sisters of Mercy, with induction into the Delone Catholic High School Hall of Honor, recognizing their enduring legacy and example of service and excellence. We induct the orders collectively in recognition that it took the prayers and efforts of every sister in each community, whether they were assigned here or not, to provide the academic and spiritual foundation of Delone Catholic.

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The Sisters of Saint Joseph, Chesnut Hill

Founded in 1650
Inaugural Induction Class

The Sisters of Saint Joseph, Chestnut Hill, Pa., are one of three inductees who were discussed as a group because their collective contributions to Delone Catholic are so closely linked. As in communities all across the United States, religious sisters gave their lives in service to many different institutions, notably Catholic schools.

These women comprised the entire faculty for most of the first two decades of Delone Catholic’s existence and continued to serve here for decades beyond. Their dedication to instilling the Catholic faith in their students while teaching them the skills they needed to succeed in life still serves as an example for our faculty and staff.

We wish to acknowledge all of the sisters from all orders that have served at Delone Catholic over the years. 

But in a special way, we celebrate three orders of sisters, including the Sisters of Saint Joseph, with induction into the Delone Catholic High School Hall of Honor, recognizing their enduring legacy and example of service and excellence. We induct the orders collectively in recognition that it took the prayers and efforts of every sister in each community, whether they were assigned here or not, to provide the academic and spiritual foundation of Delone Catholic.

Class of 2017

Inducted March  26, 2017

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Kenneth J. Cole '54

Induction Class of 2017

Kenneth J. Cole '54 is one of nine brothers to graduate from Delone Catholic High School. He is also a graduate of Gettysburg College in Gettysburg, Pa., and a veteran of the United States Navy during the Korean Conflict. He served in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives from 1974-1992. Mr. Cole was very active in veteran's affairs as well as being a life member of the American Legion, a Lincoln Fellowship honorable member, Adams County Fireman's Association member, life member of the American Veterans, a member of the Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks, and a six-term chairman in the Fraternal Order of Eagles.

During his time in the House of Representatives, Mr. Cole served on the Agriculture Committee, Veterans Affairs Committee, Local Government Subcommittee, Health and Welfare Committee, Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee which he chaired from 1991-1992 and the Federal-State Relations Committee which he chaired from 1982-1990.

Mr. Cole served as chairman of the Adams County Cancer Crusade. In this capacity, he helped to pass legislation which created the Pennsylvania Cancer Control, Prevention and Research Advisory Board and several other legislative measures, as well as reforms on the cigarette tax. His efforts earned him the National Service Award from the American Cancer Society.

In 1985, Mr. Cole also became a member of the Chesapeake Bay Commission, a bi-state commission designed to promote Bay-wide environmental protection and restoration efforts by working with the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Mr. Cole also succeeded in passing legislation that created an 11-member commission to ensure the proper coordination of state and local efforts to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg from July 1-3, 1988. The Commission proposed the Proclamation for Days of Peace and National Unity on those dates, which was signed by Gov. Robert P. Casey.

Following his career in politics, Mr. Cole has continued to make a positive impact on Pennsylvanians as well as people from around the world. He frequently travels to Nicaragua to work with the Padre Fabretto Children’s Foundation, which helps educate over 20,000 children each year.

He has been recognized with numerous honors and awards for his lifetime of involvement, including: the Golden Sword Award, the Pennsylvania Commendation Medal, the Certificate of Honorable Mention from the Special Olympics, the Certificate of Appreciation for honorable service to blind veterans, the Certificate of Appreciation for his work with the Chesapeake Bay and a resolution from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission for his work as the chair of the Battle of Gettysburg Commission.

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John T. Flaherty

Induction Class of 2017

John T. Flaherty graduated from St. Mary's High School in Clarksburg, W. Va., in 1937. He worked while attending high school to help support his family after his father lost a leg in a mining accident, and he also coached junior high basketball while playing for the varsity team. Mr. Flaherty went on to serve as a tank driver in the United States Army during World War II, fighting in the Battle of the Bulge among many other operations in the European Theater. Through the GI Bill, he earned a Bachelor of Science in physical education from Salem College in Salem, W. Va., in 1949. He then returned to St. Mary's to teach and coach.

In 1957, Mr. Flaherty and his family moved to Adams County when he accepted a position as a teacher and coach at Delone Catholic High School. Eventually, his nine children would attend the school. During his tenure at Delone Catholic, he also served as the Director of Discipline/Dean of Students. He made his mark on Squire athletics in various capacities. He was either an assistant coach or head coach for the football, boys' basketball and baseball teams at various times throughout his career, often coaching all three sports concurrently in addition to his duties as Athletic Director. 

Mr. Flaherty was an assistant coach for the football team for 20 years in addition to serving as the head coach in 1964. His 5-4-1 team fought to a 7-7 tie with crosstown rival Hanover in the final game of the season, putting the only blemish on the Nighthawks' otherwise perfect 10-0-1 record. He was the head coach of the boys' basketball program from 1957-58 through 1965-66, compiling a record of 92-105, making him the winningest coach in the program’s history to that point. The high point of his tenure was winning the program’s second Central Pennsylvania Catholic League championship in a 65-64, four-overtime thriller against Bishop McDevitt in 1965. Mr. Flaherty also led the baseball program from 1958-1961 and again from 1964-1970, posting a record of 75-46-1, which was also the most wins by a Delone Catholic baseball coach at the time.

Following his sudden passing on June 20, 1978, the Delone Catholic football field was renamed J.T. Flaherty Field prior to the final home game of the 1978 football season in recognition of his decades of dedication.

Since his death, several organizations have recognized Mr. Flaherty’s contributions to his alma mater and to Delone Catholic. He was inducted into the South Central Chapter of the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame in 1988 and into the Adams County (Pa.) Sports Hall of Fame in 2001. In 2004, he was also honored as an “Irish Legend” by Harrison County (W. Va.) Catholic Schools for his teaching and coaching at St. Mary’s High School.

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Thomas R. Staub '58

Induction Class of 2017

Thomas R. “Coach” Staub has fulfilled nearly every role imaginable in affiliation with Delone Catholic High School over more than six decades. He graduated in 1958 after spending four years as a student, as well as a student-athlete, playing basketball and baseball. He was the recipient of the Lawrence B. Sheppard, Jr., Memorial Scholarship, which allowed him to graduate, cum laude, from Mount St. Mary’s College in Emmitsburg, Md.

Upon graduation, Mr. Staub became the first Delone Catholic alumnus to teach at the school. Over the next 40 years, 39 of which were spent at the school, he taught social studies and, when needed, biology. In addition to his work in the classroom, he was known for providing hands-on learning opportunities to his students. In 1968, Mr. Staub co-founded Delone Catholic’s mock political convention, an event which has been held every four years since, allowing students to play the parts of candidates, delegates, protestors and secret service agents as they learn the intricacies of the American political process. He also helped students locate the name of a Delone Catholic alumnus on the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C., and took his students on field trips to the Adams and York County courthouses. The one year he spent away from Delone Catholic was spent as a district magistrate in the local court system. In addition to the young people from all over the local community, he taught his own daughter and son.

Mr. Staub is known as much for his work in athletics as he is for his classroom instruction. Over decades, he was an assistant coach for the football and boys’ basketball programs, as well as an assistant and head coach of baseball and Athletic Director. He took over as the Athletic Director in 1978, a post which he also vacated during his year as a district magistrate, but otherwise held until 1993. His tenure saw the addition of softball as well as the maturation of many of the other girls’ programs, which were added to Delone Catholic’s offerings in the early 1970s. He spent 24 years a member of the baseball coaching staff, including 17 as the head coach from 1971-1984 and again from 1989-1991. He posted a record of 102-137-2 and retired as the program’s career wins leader. He became the first coach with consecutive seasons of double-digit wins from 1981-1983. Mr. Staub also led the team to its first two appearances in the PIAA District 3 playoffs in 1981 and 1982. He also guided his last team to the district playoffs in 1991.

When Mr. Staub retired from teaching in 2002, he was the longest-tenured faculty member in Delone Catholic history. His involvement with the school did not end there. He has continued to volunteer in numerous capacities, among them: assisting with the video recording of football and basketball games, mowing and lining athletic fields and clearing snow from the school’s sidewalks and parking lots.

Remarkably, Mr. Staub also found time for involvement in the community outside of Delone Catholic. He has been a member of the Knights of Columbus for over 50 years. He served as a hunter/trapper educator and treasurer for the McSherrystown Fish and Game Association for over 35 years. In 1961, Mr. Staub helped to found the McSherrystown Athletics, a baseball franchise of the South Penn League, which continues today as the New Oxford Twins. He has also been a lector at Annunciation B.V.M. Church in McSherrystown for decades. Additionally, his commitment to his civic duties led to his induction in the Adams County Voter Hall of Fame after he participated in every election for 50 years.

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Brother René Sterner, FSC '55

Induction Class of 2017

Frederick S. Sterner amassed an impressive record at Delone Catholic High School as a member of the band and an orator. His academic performance placed him as the valedictorian of the Class of 1955. These achievements set the stage for a lifetime of influence in his faith, as an educator and in the forensics community.

After becoming the first of five siblings to graduate from Delone Catholic, he entered the Ammendale novitiate for the Brothers of the Christian Schools in June 1955, received the religious habit and the name Gregory René in September 1955 and pronounced perpetual vows in 1962. He continued his education, graduating magna cum laude from La Salle College in Philadelphia, Pa. Brother René also earned master’s degrees from La Salle College and Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pa.

During a 45-year career in education, Brother René had extended tenures at Central Catholic High School in Pittsburgh, Pa., serving as both vice principal and a member of the faculty from 1960-1977; as principal at Calvert Hall College in Baltimore, Md., from 1980-1990; and on the faculty and administration at La Salle College High School in Wyndmoor, Pa. From 1991-2005, Brother René served as the president at La Salle College High School, prior to returning to his alma mater to spend two years as Delone Catholic’s Director of Development and Alumni Relations.

Brother René was responsible for two major capital campaigns at La Salle, which added over 100,000 square feet of academic and extracurricular space to the campus in addition to developing the strategic plan that served as the foundation for a third capital campaign.

In 2003, Brother René cofounded La Salle Academy in Philadelphia, Pa., a partnership between the Christian Brothers and the Sisters of Saint Joseph. The school was established to educate children in grades three through eight whose parents desire, but cannot afford a quality Catholic education.

Upon his return to Delone Catholic, Brother René resurrected a dormant Alumni Association. He also worked with the Board of Directors and the administration to lay the ground work for what would become Delone’s Diamond Decade Initiative, a comprehensive plan that has completely renovated the academic facilities at the school.

In addition to his work in the classroom and as an administrator, Brother René spent nearly 50 years transforming the lives of his students through high school forensics. The speech and debate teams at four different schools flourished under his leadership, and in several cases, gained national prominence. For most of his career, he served on numerous councils and committees on the local, state and national levels. Brother René was, at various times, the treasurer, publicity director, vice president, president and national tournament director for the National Catholic Forensic League. He also served on the executive council of the National Forensic League for 31 years.

Brother René was recognized by numerous organizations for his significant and lasting impact. He was honored by the Diocese of Pittsburgh, the Archdiocese of Baltimore, the state houses of both Maryland and Pennsylvania, the National Catholic Education Association and the National American Legion for his work with youth. For his services on behalf of Christian education and the larger community, Saint John Paul II conferred on him the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice Medal in 1990. In the forensics community, Brother René was inducted into the Pennsylvania High School Speech League Hall of Fame in 1986 and the National Forensic League Hall of Fame in 1987. Within a year before his passing, he was the first recipient of the National Forensic League’s Alumni Lifetime Service Award, and he also received a similar award from the National Catholic Forensic League.

Class of 2018

Inducted Feb. 9, 2018

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Francis J. Felix '67

Induction Class of 2018

Francis J. Felix is a member of a family that has been part of Delone Catholic High School from the very beginning. His uncle was a member of the first graduating class and later a key figure in the Athletic Association, and his aunts worked in the school cafeteria for many years. He is a member of the Class of 1967, and he has added his own profoundly influential chapter to the Felix family's history with Delone Catholic. He and his wife, Angela (Becker) Felix '72, are the parents of two alumni and have now seen the first of their grandchildren arrive as a Delone Catholic student.

Visibly, Mr. Felix has been a part of the school’s baseball coaching staff since 1990. He was a volunteer assistant junior varsity baseball coach from 1990-1991 before taking over as the head varsity baseball coach from 1992-2002. Since 2003, he has been a volunteer assistant varsity baseball coach. Mr. Felix ended his run as varsity head coach as the program's all-time winningest coach with over 150 wins, four division championships, seven district playoff appearances, two state playoff appearances and the program's first two state playoff wins. During his tenure as a varsity assistant coach, much of which was served as an assistant to his son Alan Felix '93, he has been part of 200+ additional wins, 12 division championships, 14 district playoff appearances, including the program's first district championship in 2013, and two state playoff appearances.

Less visibly, Mr. Felix has also contributed thousands of volunteer hours maintaining the baseball, softball and field hockey fields, mowing and removing snow from school grounds. Mr. Felix has secured volunteer labor and donated materials that have transformed the baseball facility from a diamond and a backstop to a top-notch facility with dugouts, fencing to protect spectators, an outfield fence, an outdoor batting cage and practice pitching mounds, all at no cost to the school or Athletic Association.

Through his efforts, Mr. Felix has made a much safer and better environment to provide opportunities for thousands of Squires and Squirettes, and demonstrated what it means to take pride in a job well done. He has helped his teams to set goals and worked with them to achieve them, but perhaps more importantly, has helped them to learn the lessons of defeats and goals delayed.

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Dennis H. Frew

Induction Class of 2018

Dennis H. Frew truly played the role of the "man of many hats" at Delone Catholic, serving as a teacher, dean of students, athletic director and coach from 1978-2007. He arrived well before the students every day to handle attendance, discipline and academic matters, and for the second half of his tenure, juggled the responsibilities of running the entire athletic department with all that goes into preparing his own team for success on the field.

Mr. Frew balanced it all successfully, with the on-field results speaking for themselves. He is a member of the South Central Chapter of the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame, the Adams County Sports Hall of Fame and the Pennsylvania Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame. He was the varsity football head coach from 1979-2006, becoming the Delone Catholic and Adams-Hanover area's all-time wins leader with 219-101-3 record. He led his teams to three Blue Mountain League championships and seven YAIAA division championships. His teams qualified for the district playoffs in 13 of the 20 seasons when these playoffs were held, winning six championships and reaching the championship game three other times. Mr. Frew's Squires also qualified for the state playoffs five times.

Though football is where his longest-term successes came, Mr. Frew was also on the Delone Catholic baseball staff for several years. Starting as an assistant, he took over as the head coach of the varsity baseball team from 1985-1988, during which time the team made two district playoff appearances. 

Mr. Frew also served as the Athletic Director from 1993-2007. During that time, the school added six sports to an athletic program that already had numerous opportunities for boys and girls in all three seasons. The Squires and Squirettes continued to, and in some cases, expanded their successes during Mr. Frew's tenure as Athletic Director. Over his tenure, the girls' basketball team won three straight state championships, four teams won a total of 11 District 3 championships, and individuals flourished in cross country, tennis, track and field and wrestling.

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Mary C. Furlong

Induction Class of 2018

Mary C. Furlong is woman whose influence is truly felt on a global scale. She was an English and social studies teacher and forensics coach at Delone Catholic from 1965-2000, where her work in and out of the classroom inspired students to find ways to make a positive difference wherever they could.

At Delone Catholic, Ms. Furlong was a co-founder of the Mock Political Convention, which began in 1968 and has continued every four years since. Ms. Furlong initiated and coordinated the school's human rights assembly for 15 years, served on the faculty advisory committee, and was a three-term faculty representative on the Board of Directors. She initiated a mock trial team which placed second in the state twice. Ms. Furlong revived the forensics team, which placed third nationally, won two state championships and finished second in the state three times under her guidance. She is a member of the Pennsylvania High School Speech League Hall of Fame. 

By itself, Ms. Furlong's work directly to the benefit of Delone Catholic and its students has cemented her legacy. However, she has never been satisfied to sit by if she can make a difference, whether it be locally, nationally or internationally. She has been awarded two Fulbright Grants on Islam in Malaysia and Ghana. Her areas of interest and service have been varied, ranging from diversity initiatives, interfaith activities, and civil and human rights efforts to voter registration and election work, health care and education activities. Though retired from teaching at Delone Catholic for nearly 20 years, Ms. Furlong continues to volunteer at Delone Catholic and challenge alumni and current students and faculty members to venture outside their comfort zone and see the world differently. She is an invaluable resource to the school due to her vast network of relationships with alumni and their families.

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Leo J. Krichten '41

Induction Class of 2018

Leo J. Krichten has a story that would sound familiar to many of his peers who grew up in the 1920s and 1930s. He was a member of Delone Catholic's first graduating class in 1941 and earned a varsity letter in football. 

Following graduation, he enlisted in the U.S. Army and fought in Italy during World War II. Mr. Krichten spent 14 months as a prisoner of war and received a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. Among the only items he was allowed to keep during this time were a small bible and a rosary, helping him to draw on his faith to endure his imprisonment. 

Upon returning home, he married Sylvia (Wagaman) Krichten '44, and together they raised seven children, five of whom are Delone Catholic alumni. Several of their grandchildren are also Delone Catholic alumni. Mr. Krichten went to work in the retail industry to support his family. Eventually, he and a partner bought several men's clothing stores, which they operated in a family atmosphere. At the time of his Hall of Honor induction, one of Mr. Krichten's sons was still operating the store.

Their faith was a central part of the Krichtens' family life. Where his story begins to diverge from many of his peers is the level to which Mr. Krichten got involved with his church and community. He served in various roles for the local CYO and the Boy Scouts. He also made significant contributions to the Catholic War Veterans, serving in increasingly broader roles as Post, State and eventually National Commander in 1992-93. He received the CWV's highest honor, the St. Sebastian Award, and was also named the CWV's Man of the Year. Mr. Krichten served as a veterans’ advocate in the local community and often spoke to students at Delone Catholic and Annunciation B.V.M. School about his experiences in the Army. He also served in several roles in Annunciation B.V.M. Parish, McSherrystown, until his passing.

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Jean M. (Sneeringer) Steinour '47

Induction Class of 2018

Jean M. (Sneeringer) Steinour has been a pioneer and champion for those with special needs in Adams County for decades. That was not a role she would have expected to take on when she graduated from Delone Catholic in 1947. She won the French Club Award, was a member of the glee club, participated in plays and operettas and was a staff writer for Delonian (newspaper) as a student. Following graduation, she married her classmate, Joseph Steinour '47, and raised seven children.

Mrs. Steinour volunteered in the Delone Catholic kitchen in the 1960s and 1970s and served on the St. Francis Xavier, Gettysburg, Parish Council of Catholic Women and sang in the church's choir for 50 years. 

However, she made her most significant contributions in the community after her youngest son, John, was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. At a time when it would have almost been expected for the family to put John in an institution, Mrs. Steinour insisted that he come home and be made a part of their family. As John grew, Mrs. Steinour was dissatisfied with the physical education and sports opportunities for special needs students in the area and eventually worked to found Special Olympics, Adams County. Through her persistence, she secured use of the facilities at Gettysburg College for programming instead of having families from Adams County travel to Chambersburg. The program grew out of her efforts, and she was the program's treasurer from its unofficial inception in the 1970s. Eventually, the program was officially recognized by Special Olympics. She was inducted into the Special Olympics Pennsylvania Hall of Fame in 2008, and she also was a member of the Notre Dame Club of Gettysburg in support of John's membership.

Class of 2019

Inducted Feb. 8, 2019

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Daniel J. Bair '85

Induction Class of 2019

Daniel J. Bair spent the vast majority of his life affiliated with Delone Catholic High School. He comes from a large extended family of Delone Catholic alumni, and during his time as a student, was involved in many extracurricular activities. He is one of a very few male athletic cheerleaders, due to the short time that program was co-ed. He also made a wide-ranging contribution to the fine arts programs, participating in concert band, chorus, school musicals and in the color guard.

The color guard is where Mr. Bair's most lasting impact on the school was felt. Following his graduation in 1985, he became an instructor for the Delone Catholic color guard that fall, a role he held up to his passing in 2016. For 31 years, Mr. Bair was responsible for the choreography and visual components of the marching band field shows and spent hours designing and making flags. During his tenure, the band captured eight Tournament of Bands chapter championships and placed highly in Cavalcade of Bands Grand Championships in more recent years.

Most importantly, Mr. Bair was a valued mentor and friend to the students and his colleagues on the marching band staff, as well as members of the wider Delone Catholic family. His incredible sense of humor and distinct laugh provided part of the soundtrack to student life at Delone Catholic, and was a year-round staple, as he was also an instructor for the indoor color guard over the winter and early spring months.

Mr. Bair was not shy about sharing his love of his alma mater with his friends and colleagues in the community. He tirelessly advocated the benefits of attending Delone Catholic to anyone who discussed secondary education, and was responsible for encouraging many families to become part of the school family.

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Helen B. Brady Rebert

Induction Class of 2019

Helen B. Brady Rebert served in a pivotal role at Delone Catholic High School, feeding growing students in a growing student body. For 21 years from the 1950s to the 1970s, she was the head dietitian in the school cafeteria. During her tenure, the school grew to an enrollment of more than 1,100, whom she was charged with feeding each day. She and her staff made meals that, by all accounts, rivaled any home-cooked meal.

The mother of three sons who all attended Delone Catholic, Mrs. Brady Rebert is also the grandmother and great-grandmother of several Delone Catholic alumni. She made sure her students were taken care of each day - even when they forgot their lunch money - and made everyone feel special to her as she served her meals with a wink and said, "Just for you." Many students have such fond memories of these interactions with Mrs. Brady Rebert, that even 60 years after some of them graduated, they still recall and retell these stories, which are often followed by her sons and grandchildren being asked if they can share one of her favorite recipes.

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Deacon James G. Sneeringer, Sr.

Induction Class of 2019

Deacon James G. Sneeringer, Sr., like many members of "The Greatest Generation", lived a life focused on God, Country and Family. He was a U.S. Army Veteran of World War II. After returning home, he and his wife, Marian, began a 66-year marriage, raising six children, all of whom are Delone Catholic alumni. Among their 20 grandchildren are five more Delone Catholic alumni. Deacon Sneeringer spent the majority of his accomplished career in sales to support his family.

He also became a mainstay in many fraternal and Church-related organizations in the Gettysburg and Hanover areas. Deacon Sneeringer was one of the four original lay members of the Delone Catholic Board of Directors, a role in which he served for 26 years, including several terms as chairman. He helped the school navigate many of the challenges it faced in transitioning from a faculty primarily comprising religious sisters to a nearly all-lay faculty. He was a profound advocate for finding a way for students to attend Delone Catholic, even when they and their families faced financial hardships.

In 1983, he accepted a role that came to define his service to the Church when he was one of the first men ordained to the permanent deaconate in the Diocese of Harrisburg. "Deacon Jim", as he was affectionately known, served the people of St. Francis Xavier Parish in Gettysburg, the Adams Deanery and the Diocese for the remainder of his life.

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James A. Strazzella '57

Induction Class of 2019

James A. Strazzella lived a life that can be described, among other things, as involved, impactful and accomplished. During his time as a Delone Catholic student, he played basketball, participated in student government, glee club, drama and forensics and was part of the Delonews staff.

Following graduation from Villanova University and the University of Pennsylvania School of Law, Mr. Strazzella embarked on a long career in the legal and education professions. He began as a law clerk for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, and later became an assistant U.S. Attorney in Washington, D.C. He was on the law faculty and served as the vice dean at the University of Pennsylvania Law School before joining the faculty at Temple University, where he served until his passing in 2017. At one point, he was the acting dean at Temple's law school. Mr. Strazzella was involved with numerous state and national commissions and committees, including serving as the chief counsel to the Presidential Commission's investigation into the Kent State shootings. He was also the chair of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court rules committee under five Chief Justices. 

Mr. Strazzella's work was not limited to professional endeavors, but included philanthropic efforts as well. He was the chair of the board for Smith Memorial Playground, helping to raise $10 million for the revitalization of the iconic Philadelphia playground, and he received the Founder's Award from the Fireman's Hall Museum in Philadelphia, in addition to numerous teaching awards.

Delone Catholic was also a beneficiary of his efforts. Mr. Strazzella helped with the creation of the Jesse Crabbs and Thomas F. Klunk Awards, which are presented to outstanding graduating senior members of the Delone Catholic debate and speech teams.

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David A. Swope '68

Induction Class of 2019

David A. Swope is one of nine siblings to graduate from Delone Catholic. He has spent most of his life since graduation in service to others.

Mr. Swope was in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard for over 20 years, and he served as a coach and umpire for youth baseball. Most consistently, he has been involved at the local, state and national levels with outdoors and conservation organizations since the 1970s. He has received numerous awards and citations for his work in conserving natural resources and passing along a love of fishing to future generations through education programs. Among his awards are the 2003 Pennsylvania Conservationist of the Year, and being honored for one of the "Best Restoration Projects" in Pennsylvania in 2015 when he organized 13 partners who designed and installed 24 habitat devices for the protection of wild native brook trout on the Conocoheague Creek. This project also received the Governor's Award of Environmental Excellence. While he served as the president of the Adams County Chapter of Trout Unlimited, the chapter was named Best Chapter in the Nation in 2004. The chapter has named its Merit and Recognition Award in his honor.

In addition to his many environmental projects, Mr. Swope and his wife, April, have traveled to Central America and Europe as part of Global Renewal "Teen Challenge", an agency dedicated to helping people break the bonds of sexual slavery and addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Photograph of Mr. Eric T. Lawrence '98
Mr. Eric T. Lawrence '98
Director of Advancement
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