General meetings of the Delone Catholic Athletic Association are held on the first Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the Faculty Dining Room adjacent to the Cafeteria/Sheppard Lobby. All are welcome to attend.


  • All team fundraisers must be pre-approved by the Athletic Director and the Delone Catholic Athletic Association using the Athletic Association guidelines and form.
  • Team fundraising solicitations of corporate/business donations must be pre-approved by the Head Coach, Athletic Director and the Delone Catholic Athletic Association prior to the solicitation. If the amount that is being solicited is over $200, you will also need to inform the Office of Advancement of your solicitation.
  • Participation in fundraisers by individual athletes and their parents is expected.
  • Teams participating in fundraisers shall, at all times, adhere to the Delone Catholic High School’s Code of Conduct.
  • There is a maximum of two fundraisers for each team. If special circumstances exist, they can be presented to the Athletic Association Executive Board/Fundraising Chair.
  • All funds must be deposited and disbursed through the Delone Catholic Athletic Office.
  • After an event, two people need to count the money and sign off on the form that will be given to the Athletic Association Office.
  • No later than seven days after the completion of a fundraiser, the team organizer must submit a report to the Athletic Association Department.


  • All team spending requests must be submitted to the Athletic Director prior to ordering. Items not pre-approved will not be paid out of any Athletic Association accounts, including individual team accounts. Anything over $500 will need to be pre-approved by the Athletic Director and the Athletic Association Executive Committee.  
  • Equipment for the operation of the team must be given priority. The requirement is for each head coach to hand in an Equipment Request form at the end of their season. Also requested to be handed in is a wish list prioritized by what you need versus what you want.
  • The Athletic Association will pay $5 per player up to $100 towards the end of the season banquet.
  • If a team qualifies for a State Championship Game, the Head Coach can request a coach bus. Approval will be based on distance.

Athletic Association Forms

Athletics Office

Mr. Timothy N. Bonitz Jr.
Dean of Students/Athletic Director
Mrs. L. Kay Hefner P'03, P'06
Attendance/Athletic Secretary
Mr. Gary Peretic
Athletic Trainer