Delone Catholic Honors the Class of 2020 with Virtual Awards Ceremony

Special Awards

  • Gettysburg College Phi Beta Kappa Book Award – Emily Kiger
  • Hanover Rotary Scholarship – Tara Noel and Grace Frizzell
  • The Rita M. Kijek Memorial Scholarship – Tara Noel
  • Norine Elizabeth Ann Lovett Fine Arts Memorial Award – Sophia Holt
  • Louis B. Toler Memorial Scholarship – Kathryn Derkasch
  • Joseph A. Byrne Memorial Scholarship – Tara Noel
  • Rose A. Mainardi Memorial Scholarship – Emily Kiger
  • John A. Staub Memorial Scholarship – Kathleen Chroniger
  • Adams Electric Cooperative Scholarship – Tyler Lawrence
  • Simon-Staub Scholarship – Sherlyn Uribe
  • Dwain M. Smith Memorial Scholarship – Joseph Hernandez and Madison Sieg
  • The Jacquelyn Rose Lawrence Memorial Scholarship – Margaret Lawrence
  • Conewago Enterprise Charitable Foundation Scholarship – Emily Ryan
  • The Robert M. Lester Sr. Scholarship – Colby Seeley
  • The Joseph and Patricia C. Borowick Scholarship – Sophia Holt, Tyler Lawrence, Victoria Marr, Abigail Smith and Sherlyn Uribe
  • Christine Boyer Memorial Scholarship – Madison Sieg and Sherlyn Uribe

Scholar Athlete Awards

  • Jim Dooley & Peggy Dooley Norris Athletic Award – Joshua Sherdel
  • J.T. Flaherty Award – Brooke Lawyer
  • William “Sonny” Shrader Most Valuable Athlete Award – Kevin Mowrey
  • Gail Breuer Outstanding Female Athlete Award – Madison Clabaugh
  • District III Fackler-Hower Sportsmanship Awards – Joshua Sherdel and Madison Sieg
  • E. Jerry Brooks Academic Excellence Award – Kevin Mowrey and Emma Schneider
  • YAIAA Academic All-League Award – Michael Apgar, Ava Bunch, Katie Ernst, Kylee Funkhouser, Nathaniel Hall, Mary Caroline Hoverkamp, Katelyn Kohler, Margaret Lawrence, Lauren Little, Kevin Mowrey, Tara Noel, Ryan Overdorff, Logan Pieper, Emma Russell, Emily Ryan, Emma Schneider, Joshua Sherdel, Madison Sieg, Abigail Smith and Brenna Yingling
  • Brushtown Athletic Scholarship – Brooke Lawyer

Honor Society and Club Service Recognition

  • Student Council Executive Officers – President Colby Seeley, Vice President Brenna Yingling, Secretary Mary Caroline Hoverkamp and Treasurer Jeremy Snyder
  • Student Council Senior Class Officers – President Amie Luckenbaugh, Vice President Sophia Strickler, Secretary Emma Landis and Treasurer Nathaniel Hall
  • National Honor Society Officers and Chairpersons – President Tara Noel, Vice President Margaret Lawrence, Secretary Sophia Strickler, Treasurer Mary Caroline Hoverkamp, Leadership Chair Emily Ryan, Scholarship Chair Brenna Yingling, Service Chair Grace Frizzell and Character Chair Emma Russell
  • National Music Honor Society Members – Kathryn Derkasch, Sophia Holt and Emily Kiger
  • National English Honor Society Officers – President Tara Noel and Vice President Mary Burke
  • Peer Ministers – Michael Apgar, Madison Clabaugh, Kathleen Chroniger, Katie Ernst, Grace Frizzell, Mary Caroline Hoverkamp, Deanna Klunk, Katelyn Kohler, Margaret Lawrence, Tyler Lawrence, Victoria Marr, Tara Noel, Ryan Overdorff, Logan Pieper, Madison Sieg, Abigail Smith, Austin Staub, Emma Trump and Abbey Welsh
  • National Social Studies Honor Society (Rho Kappa) Officers – President Mary Caroline Hoverkamp, Vice President Helen Phillips and Secretary Tara Noel
  • National Math Honor Society (Mu Alpha Theta) Officers – President Brenna Yingling, Vice President Emily Ryan, Secretary Grace Frizzell and Treasurer Logan Pieper
  • Spanish Honor Society (Sigma Delta Pi) Officers – Co-Presidents Mary Burke and Abigail Smith, Vice President Emma Schneider, Secretary Emma Russell, Treasurer Katie Ernst and Historian Katelyn Kohler
  • Outstanding Service to Students Using Ethics (SUE) – Grace Frizzell and Mary Caroline Hoverkamp
  • Outstanding Service to the Science Club – Ava Bunch and Emily Kiger
  • Outstanding Service to Interact Club – President Ava Bunch, Secretary Katelyn Kohler and Treasurer Abigail Smith
  • Outstanding Service to the Mock Political Convention – Nathaniel Lowrie and Jacob Pantalone
  • Outstanding Service to the Mini-Thon – Michael Apgar, Katie Ernst, Deanna Klunk, Katelyn Kohler, Emma Russell, Emma Schneider and Abigail Smith
  • Outstanding Service to the Kairos Core Team – Mary Caroline Hoverkamp, Margaret Lawrence, Tyler Lawrence, Tara Noel, Ryan Overdorff, Austin Staub and Abbey Welsh
  • Outstanding Service to Chorus – Emma Landis
  • Outstanding Service to the Yearbook – Emma Schneider

Other Scholarships & Honors Awarded

  • Thomas Klunk Speech Award – Helen Phillips
  • W.W. Hafer and Lucretia Hafer Scholarships – Nathaniel Hall, Victoria Marr, Emma Russell, Abigail Smith
  • Hanover Republican Club Scholarship – Ava Bunch and Madison Sieg       
  • Ray Tyo St. Ferninand Foundation Scholarship – Joseph Hernandez
  • Florence deHaven Scholarship – Kylie Funkhouser
  • John Philip Sousa Band Award – Emily Kiger
  • The National Choral Award – Logan Pieper
  • The Louis Armstrong Jazz Award – David Moffatt
  • 2020 President’s Service Award – Nicholas Baker, Grace Frizzell, Emma Landis, Margaret Lawrence, David Moffatt, Hadlee Sanders, Colby Seeley and Madison Sieg
  • 2020 President’s Education Award – Michael Apgar, Ava Bunch, Mary Burke, Grace Frizzell, Kylie Funkhouser, Nathaniel Hall, Sophia Holt, Mary Caroline Hoverkamp, Emily Kiger, Lauren Little, David Moffatt, Tara Noel, Helen Phillips, Logan Pieper, Hannah Pierce, Ryan Overdorff, Emily Ryan, Madison Sieg and Brenna Yingling
  • Class of 1941 Scholarship – Mason Clabaugh
  • Robert W. Cole Scholarship – Emma Landis
  • Alex Bell Memorial Scholarship – Austin Staub

Delone Catholic Awards and Honors

  • The Monsignor William R. Lyons Volunteer Service Award – Madison Sieg
  • Principal’s Award – Grace Frizzell
  • Father Allwein Memorial Award – Margaret Lawrence
  • Loyalty and School Spirit Award – Emily Kiger and Austin Staub
  • Overall Academic Excellence During Senior Year Only – Brenna Yingling
  • Four-Year Excellence Awards
    • Art – Emily Ryan
    • Business – Kevin Mowrey
    • English – Emily Kiger
    • Family and Consumer Science – Colby Seeley
    • Foreign Language for French – Helen Phillips
    • Foreign Language for Latin – Helen Phillips
    • Foreign Language for Spanish– Mary Burke
    • Holocaust – Tara Noel
    • Mathematics – Brenna Yingling
    • Music – Sophia Holt
    • Science – Kylie Funkhouser
    • Social Studies – Tara Noel
    • Technology Education – Austin Staub
  • Bishop’s Award for Religion – Emily Kiger
  • Top 10 Percent
    • #9 Emily Ryan
    • #8 Grace Frizzell
    • #7 Sophia Holt
    • #6 Tara Noel
    • #5 Mary Burke
    • #4 Lauren Little
    •  #3 Emily Kiger
    • Salutatorian Brenna Yingling
    • Valedictorian Kylie Funkhouser

Catholic Faith Award – Abbey Welsh

Class Service

The Class of 2020 collectively completed 3272.5 hours in service to the church, 3619.75 hours in service to the school, and 4136.25 hours in service to the community, for an overall total of 11,028.5 contributed hours of service.

Class Scholarships

The scholarships and other monetary awards from colleges, universities and organizations awarded to the Class of 2020 total $5,082,864.