Finding Faith and Purpose with Peer Ministry

Finding Faith and Purpose with Peer Ministry

By Katie Vance '21

Faith is an important part of Delone Catholic. Delone Catholic is such a special place, and it has been for many years. The Delone Catholic community is more of a family than a school, and that family is built on faith. Faith is the core of Delone Catholic, with prayers in the morning, afternoon, and evening, and a chapel open for student use all day. With the COVID-19 pandemic, Mass has been held every Thursday in the Sheppard Gymnasium for certain classes, with social distancing in place. I am so happy that we are still able to have such a special time set aside for Mass, because it is so needed with everything going on in the world right now.

One of the important faith activities at Delone Catholic is the Peer Ministry. Peer Ministry consists of a group of seniors who work with Mrs. Phenicie, Delone Catholic’s spiritual life director. She helps the students' faith blossom in our school community, as well as in our area. Some projects we do are Boxes of Joy, where we send items to children in other countries who are in need. Peer Ministry also helps out with the angel tree project, where we get information about some local families in need in our area, and the peer ministers and student body help buy some toys or essential items for these families in need at Christmas. 

Delone Catholic also has a Spiritual Life Center set up for the students. This is not your ordinary classroom! It has comfortable chairs, a couch, positive affirmations all over the walls, and Christian music playing. We have our Peer Ministry meetings in the Spiritual Life Center, and it’s such a comfortable and fun place. Mrs. Phenicie opened the Spiritual Life Center in the fall of 2017 when I was a freshman, and it’s been a favorite of mine and others ever since. Mrs. Phenicie is always thinking about the students. Whether you need help with your Works of Mercy hours, have a vocation question, or just need someone to pray with or pray for you, she is always available. I’m so happy we have someone so selfless running our special Peer Ministry group!

Since I am a senior and I’ve always wanted grow in my faith and help others, especially in my area and in the lives of my loved ones, I was excited to sign up for this fun and special group. I have many good friends who are also in Peer Ministry, and they enjoy it as well. We always start our meetings with prayer, and we always have something good to do each meeting. I am so proud of my faith, and I’m grateful for such good friends, family, and an amazing God who is always by my side. I’m so blessed to have the faith and beautiful opportunities I have had at Delone Catholic, and I’m excited to see the impactful things we will do in Peer Ministry this year!