Hanover Chamber of Commerce Honors Mrs. Heberling as Educator of the Year

On Nov. 15, the Hanover Chamber of Commerce honored Delone Catholic Guidance Department Chair Lori Heberling as an Educator of the Year at the Chamber's Annual Business Awards ceremony. 

In his nomination letter, Principal William Lippe praised Mrs. Heberling:

I am honored to recognize Mrs. Lori Heberling as Delone Catholic’s Educator of the Year.  Mrs. Heberling is a dedicated and outstanding member of our faculty.  In my brief time at Delone Catholic, she has proven to be a trusted colleague as well as an invaluable resource.  The talents and gifts she shares with Delone Catholic benefit every member of our school community who has the privilege of knowing and working with her.

After earning her master’s degree, Mrs. Heberling joined Delone Catholic in her first counseling position. In her 17 years at Delone Catholic, Mrs. Heberling has consistently demonstrated care and compassion in her interactions with students and their families. She has aided countless students over the years with academics, career choices, and job placement as well as college applications and acceptances.  Mrs. Heberling  previously taught a Study Skills class for freshmen designed to address issues that may affect students’ ability for academic success.  

In addition to her duties as Guidance Department Chair, Mrs. Heberling currently chairs our Teachers Addressing Student Concerns (TASC) team which focuses on students’ mental health and well-being.  She has been the co-moderator of our Student Council for the last few years,  and last month, she agreed to step out of her comfort zone to share the position of Interim Co-Director of Enrollment and Outreach.  Regardless of the role Mrs. Heberling undertakes, she presents herself with sensitivity, kindness, and grace.

Over the past 17 years, Mrs. Heberling has continued to be an essential member of the administrative team at Delone Catholic.  From organizing annual Thanksgiving food drives benefitting local charities, pep rallies, and homecoming events, to mentoring young adolescents who evolve into young, successful men and women, Mrs. Heberling continues to have an impact on all those individuals whose lives she touches. 

Congratulations, Mrs. Heberling!

Hanover Chamber of Commerce Honors Mrs. Heberling as Educator of the Year