Independent Art Students Virtual Show

Welcome to the The Delone Catholic Virtual Art Show

Featuring the artwork of Senior Independent Art students 

Artist Robert Rauschenberg said, "The artist's job is to be a witness to their time in history." 

Our young artists have witnessed one of the more unbelievable times anyone could have imagined. Despite the challenges they faced over the past year, all have created an amazing body of artwork. Each student has designed a showcase to display their favorite pieces, virtually, for you to enjoy.

I have witnessed these seven seniors make use of the arts as a way to nurture the spirit, calm the mind, express their thoughts and amplify their voice. 

Art has brought them closer together and has created unexpected connections through their shared experiences.  I am impressed with the individual growth and talent of these artists.

I hope you will enjoy the show and share your good wishes with this outstanding group of seniors.      

Congratulations Class of 2021!

-- Mrs. Melissa Braden