'A positive learning environment with a positive educator.'

'A positive learning environment with a positive educator.'

By Noah Crawford '23

My favorite teacher at Delone Catholic is Mrs. Knechtmann. Mrs. Knechtmann recently won Educator of the Year and I think it is a well-deserved award.

She provides a stable classroom with an even better learning environment. The activities assigned are engaging and provide a fun and friendly experience for all students.

Mrs. Knetchmann truly looks out for the interests of the students. If a student is struggling or doesn’t understand, Mrs. Knechtmann exhausts herself at all costs to help that student succeed.

If an assignment will not benefit the students, Mrs. Knechtmann will often edit it to ensure that the students learn the concept and are well-prepared for other assessments

 I can confidently say that I have succeeded in World History this year because of Mrs. Knetchmann’s teaching style. World History is my favorite class, because when I am having a bad day, I can come into Mrs. Knecthmann’s room to a positive learning environment with a positive educator.

Mrs. Knetchmann deserves to be Educator of the Year, every single year, because she is consistently an impactful teacher. Every teacher should strive to become a teacher like Mrs. Knechtmann. Overall, my Delone Catholic experience has been positively impacted by Mrs. Knetchmann.