Promoting A Culture of Success Through Athletics

Promoting A Culture of Success Through Athletics

By Ryan Murphy '21


For my four years here at Delone Catholic, sports have been a major part in my life. I’ve done cross country, basketball, baseball, and track and field and all are a contributing factor to the success for many students here at Delone Catholic, myself included. For me, sports have been a huge help in helping to organize my time, and to get school work done and turned in on time. 

In light of the pandemic this year, fall sports and the future winter and spring sports seasons have looked and will look a little different. The fall sports season was delayed for two weeks at the beginning of the school year since the PIAA thought it would be the best to determine if sports could operate without spreading the virus.

Going into the cross country season, I was very happy and appreciative that we were having the opportunity to have a season even though it could’ve been either one meet or the whole season due to the unpredictability of COVID-19. 

Cross country this year, even though it wasn’t the same structure, was the same team, the same support, and the same family that it's always been for me. I think that is due to the tight-knit community that our team and all of Delone brings to the table. This community has one thing in common and that is to strive for success, and a major example of that is the captains, seniors, and upperclassmen who provide the examples for the underclassmen and future leaders of Delone to follow. 

Now as the cross country season comes to a close, I will always remember the memories and friends that it has allowed me to make and I look forward to making more these last months of my high school experience.