Stations Reflections, Station Thirteen: Jesus Dies on the Cross

Stations Reflections, Station Thirteen: Jesus Dies on the Cross

Editor's note: Beginning Friday, Feb. 19, and continuing through Good Friday, April 2, Delone Catholic students will be reflecting on the Stations of the Cross. Look for new reflections every Monday and Friday.

By Lillian Dessecker '24

Do you think it is impossible to stay positive in a bad situation?

In the Thirteenth Station, Jesus is taken down from the cross. Jesus, now dead, was going to be placed in a tomb because the Sabbath was approaching.

I often wonder, “How do you think Jesus’ followers felt when He was taken down from the cross and was no longer alive?” I imagine that they were heartbroken. The followers of Christ thought they had lost and that there would be no more good in the world. They didn’t believe in a happy ending. They had no positivity. What did they have left?

Jesus’ followers thought there was no hope left. But then -- to their delight -- Jesus had risen from the dead! When His followers heard the great news they were filled with hope again.

I believe we should all take a very important lesson we could all learn from this story. Even when life gets hard and you think there is no hope left, we should all go to Christ and ask Him for help, ask Him for forgiveness, or whatever we need.

Jesus is our hope. He is our light at the end of a hard situation. Never lose hope because through Jesus anything is possible.

We adore you, O Christ, and we praise you, because by your Holy Cross, you have redeemed the world.