Why I'm Thankful for Delone Catholic

By Victoria Staub '24

Why I'm Thankful for Delone Catholic


Thanksgiving week is a very purposeful week, especially to Delone Catholic. I am currently a freshman at Delone Catholic High School and I have been loving my time here so far!

It’s an amazing school that provides so many amazing opportunities while tying in our faith with everything we do. I could tell you that I’m thankful for things like my family, shelter, food, clothes, and school which are all true, however, Delone makes me think deeper about what I’m grateful for.

Thanksgiving is all about taking time out of your day and reflecting on how amazing God’s creation is whether it’s through people in your everyday life or the sun shining when you get up in the morning. Every day is filled with something special and I think Delone accents those moments very well.

Recently, it has been tough to live a so-called “normal” life during this whole pandemic, but our school has stayed unquestionably positive through the good and the bad. For example, the student body is rewarded with a dress down day on “Freedom Friday” if we meet a certain percentage of students who complete their daily COVID screenings and they let us know how proud they are of our school as a whole almost every day. 

It definitely has been a crazy year so far, especially for me personally in the last two weeks. I unfortunately had to learn virtually for 14 days which was very nerve-wracking at first because I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do well. I’m thankful that Delone provides an inclusive virtual option, so I am able to attend and participate in every class throughout the day as if I’m right there in school.

Fortunately Delone has a fantastic staff on its hands and they were so supportive of everything like getting all of my books to me and making sure I successfully adapted to the change. I’m thankful for everything Delone does for me as well as the rest of our school community. 

Although things have been a little bumpy the last few weeks, that did not stop Delone from taking part in the community for Thanksgiving. As a member of the student council, I had the ability to help organize the Thanksgiving Food Drive for 2020.

Even though I was virtual that week, I still was able to put forth my donation and it was an overall success. I am also part of the Interact Club which made Thanksgiving cards to send to nursing homes to hopefully brighten their days. That’s what Interact Club is all about, doing good for the community and making people smile.

Every day we are encouraged to pray for those in need as well as praying for the things we have. This year was truly an eye-opener for everyone because we realized that we took a lot of things for granted, that we now find ourselves giving more thanks for. The message of Thanksgiving is something that is spread at Delone Catholic year round, which is something that I’m most grateful for.