The 27th Annual Henny Noel Memorial Golf Tournament will take place on Saturday, June 12 at Cedar Ridge Golf Course. Registration begins at 7:30 a.m. with a shotgun start at 9 a.m.

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Henry C. "Henny" Noel graduated from Delone Catholic High School in 1946, having served as a captain on the Squires' football and basketball teams. Many people move on from their high schools and never look back, but Henny Noel was not "many people." His name became synonymous with Delone Catholic over a long career in the school's Maintenance Department.

Henny was a second-generation member of the Maintenance Department. His father, Henry N. Noel, served from 1939-1964, and the two worked side by side when Henny joined the staff in 1958. He was well-known for his love of his family, the University of Notre Dame and Delone Catholic. Henny was a bright spot in everyone's day at Delone Catholic. He saw thousands of students come and go during his tenure, including three sons and a daughter. In the last few years before his retirement, he even saw the first five of his nine grandchildren join him at the school. His son, Keith, a 1977 DCHS graduate, would eventually serve as the head of the Maintenance Department for several years, and several of his grandsons worked summer jobs in the department.

After so many years of dedicated service, Henny announced that he would retire in December 1993. Prior to departing for Christmas vacation, the entire faculty and student body honored Henny for all he had done for the school. The entire community was shocked to learn of his sudden passing just days after Christmas.

With a Delone Catholic institution gone far too soon, his family and friends searched for an appropriate way to honor him. In the Summer of 1994, the first Henny Noel Memorial Golf Tournament was held at Cedar Ridge Golf Course in his memory. It seemed appropriate that his memory would be honored with a tournament that helped two of the great loves of his life - Delone Catholic High School and its students. That year and every year since, the tournament proceeds have been used to fund tuition assistance scholarships, providing a Delone Catholic education for students who otherwise may not be able to afford it.

Many of Henny's family and friends continue to participate in some capacity each year. There is also a new generation of Delone Catholic supporters who did not have the opportunity to know Henny personally. Each year, these people get to learn about one of the giants in Delone Catholic's history and help continue his legacy of caring for students.

The entire school community is grateful for all Henny did for so many years and for the dedication of those who continue to honor his memory each year. We think Henny would be humbled to know that he has made such a positive impact on growing the Delone Catholic family even so long after he was called home!