At Delone Catholic, our retreats give our students the opportunity to encounter the Lord together with their peers. The retreats are planned to meet the needs of the specific group, meeting them where they are as they progress through high school and grow in their individual relationships with God. Students begin freshmen year focusing on unity and the specific gifts and talents of each individual. Sophomore year confronts the popular opinions of our culture and presents students with the truth found in the Catholic faith. During their junior year, students are given the chance to live out their faith in a very tangible way by ministering to the needs of people in our community through works of charity. Finally, senior year allows the students to look forward to the future and gives them the tools they need to discern God’s call. These annual retreats are graduation requirements as an integral part of our Catholic identity.

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Freshmen Retreat*

A challenge is set for the Freshmen Class, who will brave the Challenge Course at Ski Roundtop. After opening with prayer and a short orientation, the class will be divided into groups to traverse the Challenge Course, with both high and low elements. Students will be challenged individually and as a group to encourage one another and help each other through the course. After lunch, a reflection will be given, relating the day to 1 Corinthians 12. It will be a wonderful day of team-building, unity, .and realizing the unique and crucial role of each individual.

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Sophomore Retreat*

Delone Catholic welcomes NET ministries  for the Sophomore retreat! This team of passionate and faith-filled young adults travels the country leading retreats for high schools and youth groups in a variety of locations. Their retreat will focus on the beauty and richness found in the Catholic Church. Last year, the students looked at their importance as members of the Body of Christ. Now, how do they further their relationships with God and find their identity in Him? This promises to be a high-energy, joyful, and thought-provoking day!

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Junior Retreat*

Our juniors use their retreat to live out the mission of Delone Catholic – to be Doers of the Word (James 1:22) – through a day of service.This is accomplished at a variety of locations throughout the Diocese of Harrisburg and surrounding area, including the Seton Shrine at family and Advent events, the Adams Rescue Mission in Gettysburg, SpiriTrust Lutheran Home at Utz Terrace working with the residents, and the Interfaith Shelter for Homeless Families in Harrisburg. Students use this experience as an encounter with the larger community to bring Christ to them.

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Senior Retreat*

God has a plan for each and every human life. Even if we are not aware of it, every person is called to something unique, planned exactly for him or her by God. As they plan for graduation, our seniors will explore what God is calling them to, through talks and witnesses, beginning by looking at Mary’s example of surrender, the example the saints have provided for us, and how we can use prayer to help us discern. The class will also gather to celebrate the Sacred Liturgy and be given individual reflection time at the National Shrine Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes and in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament to consider their futures. 


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Kairos Retreat

Kairos is an unforgettable and unique retreat experience.

Spanning the length of a weekend, it gives students a break from the pace of everyday life to reflect on their relationships with God, their families, their friends, and themselves. It is primarily a student-led retreat, under the guidance of adult leaders.

The retreat center provides a picturesque location for a weekend of retreat and reflection. With plenty of outdoor space, you are able to encounter God through the beauty of His creation. Retreatants room in  two- to four-person rooms in separate houses for males and females.

Are you enthused about your friendship with God? Are you questioning where God is in your life? Are you not sure if you believe in God or not? This retreat is for you.

*Please note: These retreats are graduation requirements. If a student misses their retreat date, a letter will be sent home detailing the other wonderful opportunities to make it up on his or her own time. Should a student choose not to act appropriately, it is at the discretion of the chaperones and/or retreat leaders to remove the student from the activity to work on another assignment. The retreat will then need to be made up on the student's own time and at his or her own expense. We do not anticipate any problems with our students and are holding them in prayer as they prepare for their encounters with God.

Spiritual Life Office

Rev. Matthew C. Morelli
Mrs. Katherine A. Phenicie
Spiritual Life Director