Guidance Services at Delone Catholic High School include:

  • One or more personal student interviews with a counselor each year
  • College and school counseling
  • Parent conferences as needed or requested
  • Small group meetings with college representatives
  • Profile report of each graduating class
  • Psychological services (referral)
  • Family consultation and counseling
  • Student assistance program leadership and membership (drug and mental health issues)
  • Evening seminars with parents and/or students
  • Guidance services to Delone Catholic graduates
  • SAT and ACT supervision and administration
  • Advanced Placement (AP) examination program
  • Standardized aptitude and achievement testing program
  • Orientation program for freshmen and their parents
  • Consultation with faculty and staff about student needs and problems
  • Personal counseling to school personnel
  • Student records collection, maintenance and release
  • Collection and recording of student extracurricular activities and awards
  • Conferences for transferred and discontinued students
  • Program planning with faculty and staff
  • Survey of graduates on first anniversary of graduation
  • Collection and posting of part-time job openings
  • Access to armed services recruitment personnel
  • Program of career counseling and education, including biannual Career Day
  • Career resource center (Guidance Center)
  • Internet links to college and career search information
  • Guidance services to student athletes, including NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse communications and submission of core course descriptions
  • Coordination for selection of students to participate in various leadership and academic programs
  • Membership in community school/work partnership groups

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Counselor-Student Conference Procedures
  1. Students may schedule appointments with the counselors by sending an email to their counselor.
  2. In most cases, student interviews will be scheduled at the following times: before or after school, during homeroom, study period or lunch period.
  3. After an appointment has been scheduled, the student will receive a pass during homeroom period on the day he/she is scheduled to report. The student should present this pass to the teacher whose classroom he/she is leaving. The teacher must sign the pass and indicate the time the student is leaving the classroom. Students reporting back to class from an appointment with any counselor must present to the teacher a pass that has been signed by the counselor and marked with the student's time of departure.
  4. In an emergency, a teacher may refer a student to a counselor at any time by issuing a corridor pass to the student. The student must present this pass to the counselor.
  5. In special circumstances, a counselor may summon a student to a guidance office at any time from class. A test or quiz in progress is the only excuse for denial of a counselor's request.
  6. From time to time, students will meet with social service agency personnel, armed forces representatives or college representatives in one of the guidance offices. When these appointments occur, normal scheduling procedures will be used.
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Diocese of Harrisburg Number-to-Letter Grade Conversion

The official grading conversion chart for schools in the Diocese of Harrisburg is as follows:

Number Grade Letter Grade
 93-100  A
 85-92  B
 77-84  C
 70-76  D

This grading schema is not retroactive. It will affect new student records created after July 1, 2012, and will be reflected on transcripts issued after that date.

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Good Student Discount

The Guidance Department reminds parents that some insurance companies are providing discounts on automobile insurance rates to “good students." Students must meet various high academic standards to receive the discount. Check with your insurance company to see if they offer such a discount. Counselors will gladly complete forms for students who are eligible. 

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Selective Service Registration

Young men by law must register with Selective Service within a month of their 18th birthday. Registration is also a requirement to qualify for federal student aid, job training benefits, and most federal employment. Please visit for more information and to register. 

Guidance Department

Mrs. Lori S. Heberling P '24
Guidance Department Chair
Mr. Stephen A. Hutton
Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Heather M. Rohrer
Guidance Counselor